Document Number Document Name Version Published / Last Updated Date
COPS-00001 Persona Non Grata Policy Rev1.0 09/01/2023
COPS-00002 Persona Non-Grata Procedure Rev1.0 09/01/2023
HR - 11004 Privacy Policy Rev3.0 08/16/2023
HR-10041 Conflict of Interest Policy Rev2.0 07/22/2023
HR-10052 AODA - Design of Public Spaces Policy Rev2.0 01/21/2023
IT-0002 Remote IT Support Security Policy Rev1.0 04/19/2022
JHSC003 Lockout Tagout General Procedures Rev3.0 10/21/2023
JHSC007 Lockout Tagout Policy Rev2.0 05/01/2022
JHSC018 Health & Safety Poster Rev2.0 04/12/2023
JHSC019 COVID-19 Resources and FAQ Rev5.1 07/15/2023
TR-0001 Cabinet Terms of Reference Rev1.0 05/19/2023