COVID-19 Safe Work & Study Policies

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General Information


Tyndale University is committed to the health and well-being of all community members, following the directives of public health officials, and implementing best practices in relation to COVID-19.  The University will endeavor to create an environment where community members are well informed, offer care for one another, and adopt practices which mitigate the risk of exposure and/or transmission of COVID-19.

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Community Member
includes full-time and part-time faculty and staff (including student workers), instructors, secondees, volunteers, contractors and consultants and students.
Personal Protective Equipment

Responsible Department or Functional Area:

Joint Health & Safety Committee


Policy Provisions
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    The University will establish and maintain practices which meet or exceed legislative requirements to mitigate against COVID-19 exposure and/or transmission within its community.   Tyndale recognizes it's responsibility to adhere to the hierarchy of government regulations in the following descending order:
    • Toronto Public Health
    • Ontario Public Health
    • Health Canada 
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    The University has adopted a strategy which follows typical health and safety guiding principles where hazards are to be mitigated along a continuum, where increased effectiveness and sustainability exists at the top, and options requiring more supervision and participation exists at the bottom: 
    The University will establish a phased approach for providing its services along with continuity plans as the effects of COVID-19 influence operations. 
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    The University will regularly communicate with community members via email, social media or website updates, providing information on best practices and operational changes related to COVID-19.  The University will also ensure adequate, clear signage is provided which communicates community expectations related to COVID-19. 
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    The University will establish practices which control and mitigate against exposure and/or transmission of COVID-19.

    The University will provide gloves, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes for community members but masks must be provided by the individual at their own expense.
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    The University will provide resources or access to resources, to its community members, to educate, inform and address FAQs related to COVID-19.
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    The University will establish practices to ensure compliance with this policy and its related practices.  As legislatively permitted, the University will provide accommodation for community members who are unable to comply. 
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Desired Outcome:

Proper implementation and adherence to this policy provides a high level of assurance that we will not experience an outbreak of COVID-19 among those who are on campus.

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Health & Safety Co-Chairs
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